Terracotta Krishna Neckless

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Artit dream and burnt for Implementing art on everything and everywhere which brings back to our Ancient times. Artit Dream and Burnt for Implementing Art on everything and everywhere Which brings back to our ancient times.
Our brand which mainly concentrates on all kinds of handmade & creative art designed things like Wall art, Paintings, Pottery, Terracotta Jewellery, Handcrafted Pendants, Pots, Painted Saree, Wall Hangings and Artistic Designed products.

Product Code: ABU147
This is one of our signature necklaces..the lord Krishna molded with an arch in double string round beaded necklace and Triangle shape beaded in Torquoise, Orange, Aqua Green and Gold combination colors with Krishna molded stud jumkha and adjustable Black thread complete waterproof.

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