Piggy Bank


“When we took aardra’s Pyggy Bank to market, shoppers were both amused and curious. Why a piggy bank? Being curious too, we went and dug up the story of its origin. Apparently, these were around even before real banks began. People would just drop a coin or two into in any random kitchen jar, saving up for a rainy day. Jars in those days were made of an inexpensive, orange-colored clay called pygg. Earlier pronounced pug, over time, it sounded more like pig, the farm animal we all know. Demand grew and bankers started creating them in the shape of a pig. Now that became a big hit with kids.

An adorable tale of accidental invention, right? And we couldn’t help sharing it with you, hoping you’d pass on the message to your kids. So, how about taking a Pyggy home today? ”