Laughing Buddha – NO EVIL (set of 3)


The primary rule of the universe – what you give is what you get. See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Talk No Evil represents the philosophy of keeping negativity out of your mind. Be positive and surround yourself with positivity and more positive things will happen.

Laughing Buddha is also known as Hotei or Budai is the ultimate symbol of happiness, well-being, and positivity. What better way to depict the concept of See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Talk No Evil?

Made of carefully stacking layers of recycled wood, this set of 3 detailed laughing Buddha will mesmerize you. The carefully captured detailed of the happy face, long ear lobes, neck chain and the folds of the robes will bring a smile on your face.

WARNING: Keeping these lovely miniatures in your home and office, will make you more joyful and positive!