Anoya Cocoa Butter Natural Handmade Soap – Pack of 3

195.00 178.00

Vegetable oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, marigold, honey, cocoa butter, lye*, water, fragrance and nothing else.

  • Chocolate love! A delicious soap to kick start your day on a chocolaty note. This creamy and nutritious natural handcrafted cocoa butter soap is ideal for all skin types, especially children.
  • Natural soap – made with the traditional cold process method of saponifying pure oils, butter, and herbs.
  • Free from chemicals like parabens, preservatives, surfactants, triclosan, talc /fillers, petrochemicals, sulfates, animal fat, color and etc
  • Handcrafted- our soaps are handmade and hand-cut in small batches to retain the natural glycerin and the benefits the ingredients have to offer.
  • Green packaging – Our soapbox packing is 100% free of plastic